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Friday, June 19, 2009

Reviewing Reverse Phone Lookup:Advantages and Disadvantages

The idea of a reverse phone number search is new, though becoming quite common. Being able to key in a phone number or address and retrieve names is now considered the best way to find those old contacts. Lost the name? Not to worry. A reverse phone lookup  search can find whoever you are looking for. It is the easy way to search.

Of course, with all the ease comes problems. You can find any name on such a reverse phone lookup directory. If multiple people have lived at a certain address or had the same phone number, then they can all appear on your search, giving you access to names you would have otherwise never seen. This has spawned a great debate in privacy versus convenience.

Below, we will explain both the benefits and dangers of using a reverse phone number search:


Obviously, the ultimate benefit is the ease of which you can track someone down. If you find yourself with just an address or phone number, getting a name to go with it can be difficult. Now, all you need to do is find one of the many online directories and type it in. The search will be completed in a matter of seconds. Another benefit to a reverse phone search is also that it saves you time. No more wasted days of trying to locate a specific person. Whether you try to contact everyone you know in hopes to discover who can claim and certain number, or hunt through your stack of papers to see if you had jotted the name down elsewhere. you could spend a great deal of energy trying to piece it together. Now, that is not necessary.


As said before, the obvious danger is the ease to which you can retrieve names. This can lead you to other avenues of information. Often directories will, when you type in a phone number, give you the previous known address of a person and their age. This little bit of information can be enough to use for other searches. And, in today's world of fraud and scamming, it is not so wrong to think this could be a problem.

Also, the danger in an online search is that, if someone was looking for you, they now have the information they need to contact you. Perhaps you do not wish to speak with them; that protection is gone. While not so much a danger, this could become an annoyance for someone to have your personal information.


A reverse phone number search can either be helpful or harmful, depending on who is doing the searching. While it may allow you to find the person you are looking for, it may also allow someone else to find you. This uneasy balance of information has caused many to reevaluate the phone search situation, and they will continue to evaluate it until an agreement beneficial to all can be found. Until then, use the search wisely.

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