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Friday, February 20, 2009

FAQ'S Reverse Phone Lookup

What is reverse phone look up?

When you do a reverse phone look up, you are accessing the US reverse phone lookup database. You can enter just the phone number to find the owner of most phone numbers. You can often find out the name, address, and phone carrier. The reverse phone lookup directory might also be called the Greypages Directory or Criss Cross Directory.

Reverse lookup telephone directories have been providing this information to institutions in need of such information, including law enforcement and public libraries, for years. In the 1990's, businesses started offering reverse phone look up services.

What types of phone numbers can you successfully look up?

You can look up landlines, cell phone, business, and 800 or toll free numbers. You can even do unlisted numbers search.

How does a reverse lookup for phone work?

First, you need to find an online service that does reverse phone look ups. There are both free and paid versions available. Free reverse number lookups generally offer you the city and state where the owner lives, but not the owner's name or address. As often is the case, you generally get what you pay for.

What are some reasons to do a reverse phone search?

Mainly, you want information to be empowered. Some of these reasons will add convenience and some can keep and your family safe from predators.

If your phone bill or caller ID shows a number you don't recognize, use reverse look up to find the owner. Does someone keep calling and hanging up without leaving a message or making prank calls? Now you can find out who they are.

If you have an 800 number that keeps showing up on your caller ID you can find out what company is calling so you'll know whether it's a telemarketer. Once I repeatedly ignored calls from an 800 number I didn't recognize. I assumed it was a solicitor. I did a reverse look up and found it was one of my credit cards with an urgent message!

Some of the more amazing ways people have used reverse phone look up is to find out if their spouse was having an affair, stop a web stalker, or even to find out who was selling their stolen bicycle on eBay!

Is the owner of that phone number notified that I searched for them?

No, but always choose a reputable "phone detective service" that specifically states your searches are confidential.

Why can't I find the person I'm looking for?

The person you are searching for may have specifically requested to be removed from the databases. Or if they recently moved, their information has not been updated yet. There is no 100% way to find who you are looking for. Yet.

Before you do a reverse phone look up or any kind of public records search, always look read the small print found on the "terms and conditions" page. You want to be sure there are no hidden charges or that you haven't unknowingly agreed to anything else.

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