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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Care for Your Kids?Track them Online

It's not easy being a parent in the 21st century. Like so many other things in life, along with countless benefits, the availability of amazing new technological gadgets presents many new challenges. Parents everywhere are feeling the pressure of having to make the right decisions when it comes to giving cell phones to their kids. Of course, there are as many opinions as there are parents.

Some parents feel they don't need to monitor the child's cell phone if the child is trustworthy and performs well in school. That's one extreme: the child's safety has little to do with his/her own character; it's the character of others who may prey on this child that is suspect here. Still other parents believe kids don't need to have cell phones until later in life. Another extreme: cell phones are a very convenient way for parents to keep in touch with their offspring any time, any place. Clearly, the optimal solution lies somewhere in between. The real issue here is how to protect our kids from child predators. The creeps are very clever and technology-savvy, so parents really need to determine the most effective ways to protect their children.

According to the FBI's Cybersquad spokesperson, today's cell phones equipped with Internet, video tools and more, really expand the pedophiles' range of activity. There are many creative ways to get the child's cell phone number, and they use them all. Unfortunately, most parents aren't using all the safety tools available to them, and it's imperative to raise their awareness.
Mothers believe that if someone harasses their children, they will get their mommy on the phone right away. Unfortunately, the FBI finds that young children rarely share such problems with their parents, because they are afraid of getting in trouble, and teenagers believe they can handle the problem on their own. Parents must find their own way of knowing if and when their child is in danger. But how?

Obviously, keeping communication channels open is key. Talk to your children, explain the reality of today's world with its pros and cons, and agree on the types of action to be taken in certain situations. However, keep your own counsel. One of the biggest problems here is that parents are way behind their children in their technological education. Parents, technology is not a nuisance, it's an invaluable tool that offers you a myriad of solutions to most problems, you just have to want to learn.

Lesson number one: reverse phone lookup. You must regularly scan your child's recent cell phone records; you can either view them right on their phone or on the cell phone carrier's Web site. If you ever see a phone number that doesn't look familiar - whether your child received or made the call - look up the name, age and address of its owner, as well as any other details about this person available through this type of service. Reverse phone lookup Directory will provide enough information on the unknown caller to decide whether you should be worried, and discuss it with your child. The good news is that if you need to contact the police, you can now tell them where to find that individual.So Reverse Phone Lookup is the best choice for you.

Bottom line: today's parents must be everywhere and know everything! Cell phones are important for kids to have because they let us stay connected to them at all times. This connection is not limited to the actual calls. Your child's call records are like a map legend that can tell stories about their activities and other people they talk to when you're not around. And reverse phone lookup is there to hold your hand.

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