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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free Cell Phone Number Search:Lookup cell phone numbers

There are many free phone number tracing services in the market today.Intelius is one of them.Intelius had a decent success in the reverse phone lookup world but with time it became difficult for the people there to maintain and update their database.So there obsolete database became one of the main reasons for their downfall.Nowadays you will find many other services like Intelius but there are just crap.They are there just to fool people and to get continuous traffic in order to make some money with ads.This is their main motive.I sometimes doubt that whether they ever had a database consisting of phone numbers or not because I do not remember a single case when they reply that the number is in their database.This is the case with even the most basic public numbers.They know that people always require tracing some unknown number and so there business will continue to grow.They are waste of time and energy.You will never get results with them.You need to understand the following facts:

  • Cell phone numbers lookup is quite different from finding a landline number.
  • You will not find a cell phone number in Telecom directory neither will you get it in yellow pages.
  • To find a cell phone number you have to use various Reverse Phone Lookup services.
  • To decide yourself which Cell Phone Lookup service you want to use read the article below.
  • To quickly look for a cell phone number use the service the world trust and click the search button below.

So before choosing a Reverse Phone Lookup directory service you need to remember these points so that you can get best value for money.
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