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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top 5 Reasong You need a Reverse Phone Lookup Membership

By now pretty much everyone must have heard of the service called reverse phone lookup. It is an online service where you can check who owns a particular phone number and where they live. The thing is even though most of us have heard of such a service; a lot of people still have not started using it. Some even wonder why certain people make such a big deal of looking up phone numbers. Well if you are one of those people, then there are the top 5 reasons why you must start using this service as well.

1) The first reason is the most basic reason. To do exactly why reverse phone lookup Directory was created initially, to check for phone numbers. Imagine expecting an important phone call while you are engaged in something – like in a meeting or in a movie theater. You get this call but along with it you have several other phone numbers in your missed call list. How do you find out which number belonged to the person whose call you were expecting?

Just go online and check the numbers using the reverse phone lookup service and there you go. You will know exactly who called and who you should call back.

2) Besides its basic use, this service has a lot of value added features as well which is primarily the reason for its massive growth. One of the ways I use this service is to check for postal addresses. So many times I have to go for meetings to someone’s house or office and all I have is their phone number. If you are in sales, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Getting the address is always a pain as many times the person you are visiting is busy and not in a position to explain their address.

Not just that, home users may need visiting a particular doctor or a specialty store somewhere and you need the address immediately. Just use your reverse phone lookup service and enter the number you have. Along with the owner of the number which in this case you already know who, you will also get the full postal address where the phone number is located. No need to call and get the address anymore. Just get it online via a number lookup service.

3) Avoiding unsolicited phone calls has got to be one of the most important functions of this service. I cannot begin to explain how much this has helped me in avoiding annoying telemarketing calls. Of course you can use the service to avoid other people as well with whom you really do not want to talk at the moment. Just let the calls go to your missed call list and check for the numbers later online. That way you know exactly who to call back and which numbers to avoid.

4) If you are working or have a small business, you need to use this service to get more efficient. Firstly you can check the numbers your staff is calling and know if they are making personal calls or business calls. You can also check for a number online before picking up the call just in case it is another telemarketer trying to sell something. Getting disturbed during the peak hours of the day is the worst thing possible.

5) The last reason in the top 5 is actually related to point 3. Apart from avoiding unsolicited phone calls, you can use reverse phone lookup just in case you are receiving too many prank calls and it is getting out of hand. You can simply check who owns the phone numbers from where you are receiving the calls and inform the authorities immediately of the owner and location of the phone number.

Many people claim that’s the best way to get rid of this seriously frustrating prank calls and get some peace of mind back.

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