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Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to choose reverse phone lookup service

How to choose a Reverse Phone Lookup service

There are tons of free reverse lookup sites which claim that they can trace any phone number from any country but the truth is that they wont find a thing.There are many free services also which claim that they can trace any cell phone or landline number for you but that is far from truth.The truth is that they won't find anything for you.Their databases are outdated and since they offer free service so they hardly bother to update their database due to lack of funds.For me when it comes to tracing a phone number,I only trust professional reverse phone lookup services.But a word of caution,before paying your valuable few dollars to any of these services,first put the phone number to be searched in their search box,and if the returned results tell you that the specific phone number you were looking for is available,then only register with them in order to know complete details about their service.There are many sites that offers Reverse Phone Lookup service.Generally these services are very easy to use and the information you will get back from these searches will be amazing.Check out for yourself. You can actually contact their customer care if you need any support or want a question answered.

There are a ton of reverse phone lookup directories on the web, but the results may not be equally accurate. But if you stick to the following 3 guidelines, you're guaranteed to find a reliable and accurate service:

  • Check whether the Reverse Phone directory frequently updates its database.
  • A good database must cover at least 10 million numbers in their database.Some reverse phone lookup service claim that they have over 200 million numbers but the truth is that most of the telephone numbers in their database are inaccurate numbers or expired telehone numbers so do not fall in such trap.
  • They should have an active customer support.

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